What If You Ate a Taco is a culture-enlightening story that whisks your imagination away into a realm of endless possibilities. It unlocks the dreamer in all of us. I’ve never been hungrier for a series to continue! 

—Kelly W., Mother of Two Rambunctious Boys

Cute book! I love using picture books with my lessons. Love the illustrations with the different languages and will use the story as part of a lesson with my 5th graders. 

—Janet D., Popular 5th Grade Teacher

We read your book today!! The kids really loved it. They said they would check it out and read it again. They loved being able to learn new words and food from around the world.

—Emily P., 3rd Grade Teacher Who Loves Adventures

In a world full of screens and social media, this book about imagination is just what kids need. This brilliant story encourages culture, ingenuity and thinking out of the box. It’s a must-have in every home.

—Klydi H., Mother & Business Executive

Love it! I am so fortunate to already have one of these treasures! 

—Wendy P-M., Mother of Three & Middle School Guidance Counselor

My kids absolutely loved your book. No kidding, it is great!

—Jordon S., Fun Father of Five

It’s wonderful! My kids loved it… as did the parents. ❤️ It’s been read 4 times since opening the package 48 hours ago. A good sign?! I think so! Love the simplicity- which lends to even more creativity for little minds. 
—Abigail D., Super Mom of Four (including twins!)
We both absolutely loved it. It perfectly presents the idea that the thing that separates children everywhere is simple language and a bit of culture. It makes the idea of exploring other people exciting instead of scary. The illustrations are perfect. We both felt the book is pretty much perfect. Thanks!

—Darrell & Tricia T., Parents & a College Professor