September 3, 2018

How it All Started

Here’s how it all started. We’d feed the the kids dinner, then we’d all sit around and talk. Such a social family. What to chat about? We started playing a game. We made it up, but every game has to have a name, right? We called it the What If game.

Here are the rules: You finish the sentence: What if… 

Anything goes. Yeah, you can say ANYTHING. Let your imagination roll. And. It. Did. They came up with the wildest ideas. 

Also, no one could comment negatively about anything anyone said. The only thing they COULD respond with (if they wanted to) was, “Mmmm, good.” That kept the ideas flowing, the conversation going and the fun growing. (Hey, I rhymed.)

And that’s how it started. Could you pass the potatoes? Please?